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PSD Delivery Checklist

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PSD Delivery Checklist


The quality of design source files is very important for delivering high-quality HTML/CSS code.

We’ve written a short checklist for designers. Now before sending PSD files for front-end team you can check if you have everything well prepared.

Package with design and design related files

  • Have you included JPG files for all pages (home page) and all page variants (home page popup, filters opened, menu expanded)?
  • Have you includedJPG & PSD files for desktop, tablet and smartphone if the project requires RWD?
  • Have you included PSD files covering all the pages and page variants including RWD version?
  • Do you have a naming convention for PSD and JPG (if page named about you should name PSD “about_vol-6.psd”)?
  • Have you included all web fonts in all needed formats: .ttf, .eot, .woff, .svg, .otf?
  • Have you sent the latest version of the files without duplicates or outdated versions?

PSD Quality

  • Are you naming your layers / folders properly (“logo – hover” instead of “Copy of Layer 234”)?
  • Are you using and sticking to grid (unified columns, paddings and margins)?
  • Have you removed all unused layers / folders?
  • Are you grouping your layers (header, footer…)?
  • Have you provided hover examples?
  • Have you gotten rid of blending modes in your PSD?
  • Have you sent files in good resolution and quality (with Retina support)?
  • Are you familiar with

An interactive version of this checklist is available here: PSD Delivery Checklist.

Please feel free to contribute, fork and submit issues about this checklist on our GitHub account.

Chris Lojniewski

Chris Lojniewski

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