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WordPress Project Checklist

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WordPress Project Checklist


We’ve prepared a basic checklist that can help you with managing or developing WordPress project.

PM: Kickoff

  • Is the estimation document available?
  • Is the specification document available?
  • Create project on Harvest (time tracking software)
  • Assign valid people to the Harvest project
  • Create project on Redmine (project management software)
  • Assign valid people to the Redmine project
  • Create GIT repository for WordPress project
  • Assign valid people to GIT, make sure if access rights are correct.
  • Make sure if WP developer(s) have access to front-end files repository
  • Add link to WP repository and Front-end repository in Redmine Wiki
  • Add links to important materials (agreement, specs, wireframes) in WIKI

DEV: Initial works

  • Clone repository on local computer
  • Install latest WordPress on your local environment
  • Setup the same vhost name across the team – for an example
  • Add basic configuration: website name, language
  • Create develop branch in repository, push latest WordPress to develop branch

DEV: test server

  • Check test server access details: FTP or/and ssh. Check write privileges.
  • Add valid server access details to Redmine Wiki
  • Check or create database access details.
  • Add valid database access details to Redmine Wiki (database + phpMyAdmin if possible)
  • Configure subdomain for test instance ( or
  • Clone repository on test instance server
  • Import DB dump on test instance
  • Change hardcoded domain names in DB
  • Add password protection for test instance
  • Update Redmine wiki: test instance URL, password, admin login, admin password

DEV: Development / implementation

  • Create custom WP theme
  • Remove unused WP themes
  • Do tasks from Project Backlog

DEV: Going live

  • Install Google Analytics tracking code
  • Prepare the testing scenarios before deployment
  • Combine CSS & JS files
  • Install caching plugin
  • Install security plugin
  • Change default wp-admin URL
  • Check if everything works, ask PM or Q&A guy for verification
  • Setup backups
Chris Lojniewski

Chris Lojniewski

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