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  • Effective Unit Testing of React Components (Part 3)

    Welcome to the last of three-part series on unit testing of React Components. This time I will show how to use Jest and Enzyme for testing of container component. I won’t get into details that were already described, so go ahead and start with reading previous parts (if you haven’t already): Environment and process overview […]

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  • Effective Unit Testing of React Components (Part 2)

    This time I will show you how defining the component contract looks in practice and how to represent it with actual Jest & Enzyme unit tests. This is the second part of series on unit testing React components with Jest & Enzyme. If you missed the first part, be sure to check it out first. […]

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  • Moving best (S)CSS practices to styled-components – part 1

    Styled-components became a really powerful library for creating styles in React applications. But if you are a front-end developer and you know good practices to create styles in a traditional way (with BEM methodology or by using SASS preprocessor for example) you may experience some difficulties at the beginning of your journey with this approach. […]