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Taking Care of New Developers – 10 Tips to Become a Better Boss

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Taking Care of New Developers – 10 Tips to Become a Better Boss


Based on HackerRank research, the second biggest problem of CTOs and Hiring Managers is to evaluate newly hired candidates.

Many IT Managers and CTOs panic when the New Developer is not able to immediately sit and do whatever is needed.
But some good developers need time to adapt and get comfortable with the new environment.
We know great developers that fired up after six months.
All you can do for a good start is to make them feel welcome and keep them fresh and motivated, so:


Onboard them

Prepare whatever is needed for the candidate to start the work.
We recommend making and using an onboarding check list. Google Sheets is a great tool to do so. Here’s our example:

By being well prepared, you not only win as a good employer but also you don’t let him walk around and search for stuff, while he could already fix bugs.


Let Them Do The Work

Meetings are for people who have no idea what to do. When given good instructions, a good developer knows exactly what to do and hate being bothered.
Project Manager should be able to handle some questions himself, without a constant need of consultancy.
Shrink the meetings to an absolute minimum and keep the PM’s away.
What’s even more important, is that developers hate wasting time on badly managed projects.
Allocate the right people to the right project and give them something they would be excited about. Work will fire up immediately.
Also, mind that project stagnation can easily burn out the enthusiasm.


Take Care of The Ego

If work is well done, appreciate it.
It’s like an art, and every artist likes to feel needed and appreciated once for a while.


Use The Latest Technologies

Don’t slow people down by asking them to work on old software versions.
They will feel downgraded and old.
Every single developer wants to improve his skills over and over again.
They want to stay attractive to the constantly innovating and expanding market.
If you ask them to work with old technology, they won’t stay with you for a long, as everyone around is improving every day.
For them, it’s a waste of time and effort.


Good People Motivate One Another

Get rid of the negative people. Clear the atmosphere if needed. No negativity, period.
People follow other people. It’s tempting to ask:
“Why do I have to work, while this guy is doing nothing?”
Take out the trolls, to keep the culture of work getting done.


Give Special Tasks

Once in a while, give them something to make them feel special.
It will boost self-confidence.


Give The Right Machine

If you can afford a good developer, you can afford any machine.


Good Reason to Work

CTOs and managers use many tactics to motivate developers.
They use many ways, like free meals, Xbox rooms, pool tables, etc.
But these are only small extras and can be good as an additional attraction.
You still need a broader strategy which people use to call “The Vision”.
We prefer to call it “The Reason”. And your company should have some bigger reason.
Business just for the sake of business and money is boring for developers.
They kinda want to change the world order and be part of something bigger.


Think of Outcomes, Not Tasks

If someone has your trust, let them be free.
Expect the outcome, not specific tasks done.
Let them do the work as they like it.


Train and Mentor

It always pays off.
But more than that, trained developers may feel more dedicated and devoted.
When they see they can grow and get better with you, they become more loyal and don’t have to look around for any other possibilities.
Sometimes, they feel they owe you more for training than for money.


Listen and Respect

We are all busy during the day, and sometimes you prefer everyone around to know all the answers, without your help.
But it’s not possible. You will be always needed more than anyone.
Be patient with your new employees, listen, and try to understand their lack of knowledge.
Sometimes just giving an answer is not exactly the right way.
Listen carefully and give them a bit of attention.
Show the way to discover the answer themselves.
It will save you a lot of time in the future.
And on top of that, you will be loved.



Hiring and maintaining people is not an easy job, but only to people that didn’t prepare themselves well.
We shared more tips on “How To Hire a React Developer”.
It’s a blog post dedicated to CTOs and Hiring Managers that are struggling with their recruitment.
We will also reveal our complete guide as an ebook with some ready-to-go templates of tasks, candidate profile and best questions to ask.

Stay tuned.

Chris Lojniewski

Chris Lojniewski

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