Author Marek Jakimiuk

Nuxt.js – Push your Vue app to the next level

Introduction… Current technological solutions allow us to create websites based on frameworks which save a lot of time. Websites based on frameworks such as Vue, React or Angular have an advantage of a lower server load cost and also, unfortunately, disadvantage – problem with rendering pages on the client side creates a problem with indexing pages […]

6 Reasons why you should try Vue.js framework

Introduction Vue is new javascript framework based on experiences and conclusions gained from Angular and React. The framework created by Evan You is getting more popular every day. Vue is a progressive framework – it means that it’s easy to implement to an existing project. Also vue is perfect for powering Single-Page Applications. Let me […]

5 interesting features in Chrome Dev Tools

When I started my adventure with frontend, the biggest challenge was to discover most useful tools to work with. Of course it depends on which browser you use, but most people (and myself) use chrome. Let me introduce some useful tools in chrome browser.