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Why your agency should use Gatsby?

What is Gatsby? Gatsby is a new hot tool to create blazingly fast websites where you have performance out of the box.This post is strict to the agencies, if you want some longer introduction please check another post with basic info about Gatsby. Why your agency should use Gatsby? 1. Because your agency cares about […]

How To Survive The First Days as a Business Developer

If you want to start your sales adventure in IT, you will definitely find this article useful. In further pages, I will explain more on how to get into sales, what to expect, and what to avoid. I will also share my tips for being well-prepared for the interview and other stages of recruitment. Curious? Let’s […]

Open Kudos – A Free Slack Bot To Build Stronger Digital Teams

Why Bother? Research showed that: 96% recognized users feel more connected to their company 84% recognize users understand company values better 90% recognize users want to stay longer with their employer More than that, team members: Feels more appreciated Becomes motivated to do better Engage and commit Affiliate with others Simply Having fun And your […]

WordPress Project Checklist

We’ve prepared a basic checklist that can help you with managing or developing WordPress project. PM: Kickoff Is the estimation document available? Is the specification document available? Create project on Harvest (time tracking software) Assign valid people to the Harvest project Create project on Redmine (project management software) Assign valid people to the Redmine project […]

PSD Delivery Checklist

The quality of design source files is very important for delivering high-quality HTML/CSS code. We’ve written a short checklist for designers. Now before sending PSD files for front-end team you can check if you have everything well prepared. Package with design and design related files Have you included JPG files for all pages (home page) and […]

WooCommerce Implementation questionnaire

We’ve prepared a basic questionnaire that can help you with the discovery stage of WooCommerce project. Discovery is about learning what your client needs, their strategic initiatives, their goals and their outcomes. Discovery work is what allows you to neatly tie anything you propose to what your client needs and to tailor it to those […]

Our WordPress coding standards and best practises

General rules Do not build your theme on top of a default WP Theme (Twenty {whatever}). Better pick Underscores or Roots. Building a custom one isn’t a bad idea either. When you’re forced to use a theme, do not modify it either – create a child theme. Be consistent. Apply common formatting rules across all […]