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Gutenberg’s Fundamentals – The Benefits and Disadvantages

Introduction Gutenberg is a page creator introduced in place of the TinyMCE editor, and implemented in WordPress version below 5.0.The main idea of the new tool is to be able to edit/build web pages using blocks and to make WordPress a more intuitive environment for creating web pages.Adding such a tool to WordPress is intended […]

WordPress Project Checklist

We’ve prepared a basic checklist that can help you with managing or developing WordPress project. PM: Kickoff Is the estimation document available? Is the specification document available? Create project on Harvest (time tracking software) Assign valid people to the Harvest project Create project on Redmine (project management software) Assign valid people to the Redmine project […]

WooCommerce Implementation questionnaire

We’ve prepared a basic questionnaire that can help you with the discovery stage of WooCommerce project. Discovery is about learning what your client needs, their strategic initiatives, their goals and their outcomes. Discovery work is what allows you to neatly tie anything you propose to what your client needs and to tailor it to those […]

Our WordPress coding standards and best practises

General rules Do not build your theme on top of a default WP Theme (Twenty {whatever}). Better pick Underscores or Roots. Building a custom one isn’t a bad idea either. When you’re forced to use a theme, do not modify it either – create a child theme. Be consistent. Apply common formatting rules across all […]